Where are you located?
In-person classes take place at House of Barre Haarlem: Kleine Houtstraat 21, 2011DD Haarlem

Can I use my House of Barre class credits?
Unfortunately, packages and memberships with House of Barre and Fit Mama Moves are not-transferable.

What do I need to bring with me?
Wear comfortable and supportive clothing for exercising. Please bring a towel to cover your mat, your water and anything you might need for baby if attending Mom and Baby or Baby Wearing Barre. Mats and all equipment are provided!

What if I am not a mom but I just haven’t worked out in a long time/am recovering from an injury?
You’re in the right place! All Fit Mama classes are a bit slower, with more intentional movements. Breaks are expected and encouraged. The great thing about a barre workout is you can really make it your own- pushing where you can and dialing down where you need to. 

My youngest child is not a young child anymore, is this still good for me?
Yes! Postpartum is forever in the sense that pregnancy forever changes you. Whether you are currently pregnant, recently postpartum, on the path to conception or your youngest may soon be starting college, find the specific support you’ve been looking for right here with Fit Mama Moves. 

Pre/Postnatal Barre

When should I start taking classes during my pregnancy?
In short, whenever you like! You are more than welcome to start attending Fit Mama classes even during pre-conception to work on finding that deeper connection to your core muscles. On the other side, barre in general is a very pregnancy friendly workout so you could continue with regular classes until you find you need to start modifying most exercises. If you’re not sure what or how to modify I recommend taking a few pre/postnatal classes alongside your regular practice to learn a bit more about what to expect during pregnancy.

I’m dealing with some pelvic instability/diastasis recti/back pain, can I still take class?
The Pre/Postnatal Barre classes are specifically designed to work with you through the common aches, pains and issues that arise during pregnancy. Many of our exercises target pelvic stability, learning how to control intra-abdominal pressure, mobility and light stretching and a range of other things that will support you during this time. However, there are limits to what we can do in a group fitness class. I highly recommend seeing a medical professional such as a physio or chiro to get a diagnosis and personal direction on what you should or should not do. 

How long can I keep taking classes?
Based on personal and client experience, you can continue taking class right up until the end of your pregnancy! As you get further along in your pregnancy you’ll want to stick with the lighter options and remember to take breaks but movement is really beneficial for easing aches and pains near the end AND the more strength you have to move through labor the quicker it tends to be. 

When can I come back to class after delivery?
Please remember there is no rush to get back into working out, but if you have a fairly easy and healthy pregnancy and delivery you can start with light options around 6-8 weeks.

Can I bring my baby to class?
Unfortunately, the design of the class is not conducive to having your baby attend with you. If you are limited in childcare check out the baby class options!

Core Barre

What is the difference between Pre/Postnatal Barre and Core Barre?
Core Barre is specifically postpartum while Pre/Postnatal Barre covers the needs of pregnancy and early postpartum training. In Core Barre you’ll see strength and mobility exercises designed to progressively overload your core muscles with a focus on diastasis healing and preparation for returning to running/jumping.

Can I also attend a Core Barre class while I’m pregnant?
Yes! Because the class is designed to build strength progressively, there will always be options to increase or decrease the intensity of an exercise. You may have to take more modifications and breaks but you are welcome to attend.

Baby Wearing Barre/Mom and Baby Barre

Do I need to bring a carrier?
For Mom and Baby Barre you do not need to bring a carrier but I recommend having one if your baby enjoys it. We will spend more time on the mat doing core work so baby can lie next you. When we move to standing you may want to be able to bring them with you, but you know your baby best. For Baby Wearing Barre you must bring your own carrier. The choreography in this class is heavier on lower body/full body strength and at a faster pace. Baby can sit alongside you on your mat but the choreography assumes baby will remain in your carrier.

What type of carrier should I bring?
Bring a carrier that you have used before and are comfortable with getting baby in and out. You’ll want a carrier that sits evenly across both of your shoulders, is comfortable for you and for baby and supports baby’s head.

What if my baby is fussy, needs to eat, diaper change etc? I don’t want to be a disruption.
No problem! We all understand that you cannot predict what your little will need or how they’ll act. Take whatever you need during class!

Is there an age or weight minimum/maximum for baby?
You are the best judge of this question. Once baby starts crawling Mom and Baby Barre will not be a good fit. Baby Wearing Barre is designed for baby to be worn throughout the class so you’ll want to make sure you are both comfortable to have them in a carrier for 45 minutes+ and baby has enough head support and/or neck strength for you to be hands free.

Can I just drop in to any class? Do I have to sign up for all 3 weeks of Baby Wearing Barre?
Baby Wearing Barre is unique in that we will do the same basic choreography/sequencing over 3 weeks. Each week the class will get progressively more challenging by increasing reps/decreasing rest, combining movements or adding props, and/or changing tempo etc.

The first week of each session is for you to get used to the movements with an extra 5-10+ kgs strapped to your chest. You’ll want to find your balance and your center of gravity as well as test out how heavy everything feels. I highly recommend starting on Week 1, if you have taken class before and know roughly what to expect you could start later. You don’t have to come all 3 weeks in a row, come for as many or as few as fits your schedule with the knowledge every week will be a little harder ;)